We welcome prospective adopters to contact the Rescue at southjerseyhorserescue@comcast.net  for more information and to set up an appointment to meet the horses. For an overview of how our adoption process works please click on the link to download our Application Contract   

Meet Your New Friend
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Mr. Ferris Mueller

Ferris Mueller is a feisty little lad. He is as white a snow, very good looking little guy with high stepping trot. He brays like a donkey. He will be gelded soon then be ready for adoption.


Jasper came to us at the ripe old age of 18 months. Animal Control removed him from a property with three other horses ( we took them all) He is the son of famous racehorse Smarty Jones and someone decided to train him too early. His bones and jointed were not formed yet. 

He has knee damage and a horrific back injury from flipping at the track. He is now 8 years old, and we are hoping to find him a home soon. He is such a nice boy now, but hated people when we got him


Our latest rescue! Meet Aurea (previously known as Beauty). She was set to be euthanized after being pulled from New Holland Auction, but we felt she deserved a second chance. Her feet are in terrible shape, and will take up to a year before she will be considered sound. She is an absolute lovebug!!

Dokken was pulled from the kill pen with his pregnant mother. She has been adopted to a loving home, but Dokken is still waiting! We have been working with him to get him used to being handled.


Who needs a good solid trail horse? Husband horse? Mabel, who came into the rescue from the Shippensburg kill buyer. She was starved and had lice and a bellyful of worms.  Now she is all better, a very calm 16.2 full Percheron mare. 22 years old, rides and pulls. She likes other horses and is great for the farrier and vet. Lovely slow canter.

 $250 adoption fee

Mazel is one of six neglected minis from a hoarding case in Pennsylvania. Her friend, Hazel, is blind and depends on Mazel for her eyes

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Hazel came in with Chibi from the hoarder. Hazel has no eyes, they were eaten by parasites. She lives here in sanctuary with her friend Mazel and she is doing just fine. She loves to be brushed. She needs a sponsor. Hazel is only 8 years old.