Sponsor a Horse

Special horses are horses that we rescued but cannot be adopted out due to age or infirmity.  They are in need of a financial supporter to help pay for their food and medical expenses.

Contact us at southjerseyhorserescue@comcast.net with the horse you would like to sponsor

Scootie is a 30 year old Quarter Horse mare who suffers from many ailments. She was a great riding horse for many years. She has Cushings Disease and ringbone, a form of arthritis,  along with a founder hoof. We hope to make her remaining days happy and comfortable. 

Can you sponsor her for $75 per month?


DUKE SKYWALKER is an amazing 33 years old... and has only one eye. That eye is developing a cataract, but although his vision is weak, his body is not,. He loves being ridden Western and is an old trail master. He has attitude and is the boss of the mares. He is also a retired therapy horse. 

Can you sponsor Dke for $75 per month?


MATILDA ROSE is a small female mule between 30-40 years old.  She arrived hereferal, but has warmed up to volunteers for T.L.C and brushing.

Can you sponsor Matilda for $50 per month?


 AUREA was pulled from a kill pen in Shippensburg, PA, where she was drugged to be able to walk through.  She was going to be put down because her feet were in such bad shape. We received a call to help. And we are so happy we did! She is only 8 years old and is very kind and gentle. She has an extreme case of founder, but we believe she will be ready to adopt in about a year. We need help toward her vet and farrier care, medication and supplements. She also needs a pair of boots to help with the healing process?

Can you sponsor Juno for $75 per month?