Happy Horses in their Forever Homes
Dokken was pulled from the kill pen with his pregnant mother.  He is now happily living with his friend Ferris Mueller!


Who needs a good solid trail horse? Husband horse? Mabel, who came into the rescue from the Shippensburg kill buyer. She was starved and had lice and a bellyful of worms.  Now she is all better, a very calm 16.2 full Percheron mare. 22 years old, rides and pulls. She likes other horses and is great for the farrier and vet. Lovely slow canter.  

Mr. Ferris Mueller

Ferris Mueller is a feisty little lad. He is as white a snow, very good looking little guy with high stepping trot. He brays like a donkey. He hs been adopted with his friend Dokken and is doing amazing!

Dumped in a kill pen at age 18 months,he has now moved on to a new and exciting life. 


Chibi came in with 6 other minis, we got them from a hoarder in Pennsylvania. All of the minis were starving, had lice and worms, terrible hoof neglect, missing eyes and other problems. Chibi was close to death, she was only 6 months old and her liver was failing from starvation, her belly was full of fluid. her leg ligaments had not formed properly due to walking in 2 feet of manure. ​
Chibi is now 1 and is a therapy horse, visiting hospitals, nursing homes and schools. her recovery is nothing short of a miracle.


Hazel and Mazel came in with a group of minis from a hoarding situation. Hazel has no eyes, they were eaten by parasites. She depends on her friend Mazel and she is doing just fine. They were adopted together and are very happy in their new home!

The abandoned Tb stallion. Once he was gelded he was adopted by a wonderful woman, where he nows lives with a buddy and has undergone saddle training! He is sweet and is doing amazing!!


Bella is a draft cross, who was pregnant when we rescued her.  She is super sweet and intelligent, not to mention a big princess! Bella is going to a lovely home with a 6 year old little girl.  She is now a proud mama of a beautiful chestnut filly.


Only with us one month, Pancake has been adopted by a great horse family with a 2 young children who will love her like she deserves.  She is a six year old Welsh Cross and will make the Miranda family very happy.


Formerly known as Mr. Love 


Rescued from a kill broker, Stella came here with her sister, both only 18 months old. They were so thin, their ribs stuck out, and their hooves were terribly neglected. After lots of TLC, both Stella and her sister were adopted by Jennie, an animal lover in Galloway NJ. They are now a healthy and happy.


Louie is an 18 year old, Quarter Horse.  He is sorrel with white socks.  This gentleman was rescued from certain death in a slaughter pen. 

He is now living the good life with his new momma Ania.


8 year old tri-color miniature horse. She is very small, only about 200 lbs. She is gentle and sweet and a little shy.

She has a great new home with Carrie!


Prince Lorenzo is a miniature hinny. He was adopted by the Burke family and lives with three other rescues. 

Reeses ~aka Raisin  ~ is a miniature horse, rescued from a kill broker pen. He is now living the good life with his best friend Lois 


A miniature horse who was 9 years old when she arrived in July 2010.  After only one month she was adopted by a certified handicapped riding instructor.    She now lives on a pony and mini farm and visits a handicapped riding center to help the kids. 

A 10 year old Quarter Horse mare with gorgeous violet/blue eyes.  She is healthy and love trail rides.  She is 15 hands tall and would be best with an intermediate rider.


An 8 year old P.O.A. Loves children, trained, therapeutic pony. Piper is happy in her new home.


Polly Jean is a 5 year old Thoroughbred.  She was sent to auction after being abandoned at a farm.  Polly Jean was just skin and bones and very skittish and afraid of humans when she came to us.  She gained weight under our care and has been adopted and is going to a very loving home. 

Update (April 2011)-
She is very happy at her new home. She loves Steve and likes to run around and show off for him.  I think sometimes she thinks Steve is a horse the way she plays around with him;-)  We went for a walk today and walked behind our house so we could see Polly through the trees and she winned back to us when we called her name:-)         Tabitha


Theoden (formally known as Eomer), a Clydesdale, was 18 months old when we rescued him.  Eomer was pulled from a slaughter pen.  He has been placed on a beautiful farm with lots of horses.  He is learning to pull a wagon. 

Update (April 2011)  -   Theoden (formerly known as Eomer) is doing great!  We are continuing to do ground driving with him. This spring and summer we will be starting him under saddle and hopefully start some training for pulling a cart.  He continues to grow and is becoming a very big boy!  The picture is him with my husband Dan.  He is primarily Dan's horse and he can't wait till he is ready for some trailriding!         Kristy Adams

Hershey is a sweet OTTB, and his new owner Kaitlin has successfully shown him and even taken him in a parade! When he came here he was starved, abused and very ill. 

A 16 year old off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding- he is about 16.2- has some racing damage to his knees but is sound- needs a gentle hand and a good rider but is not spooky at all.