Adopt a Horse, Pony, or Mini

We welcome prospective adopters to contact us for more information and to set up an appointment to meet the horses. If you are interested in adopting one of our horses, fill out the online Adoption Form below. Once we approve the application, we will contact you to proceed with our Adoption Contract. 



Sanibel is a 19 year old Kentucky bred racehorse. She is quite tall, about 16.3 hh and would make a great husband or trail horse. Never needs shoes, kind to farrier and vet, no issues. Rides bitless. No health problems and she's beautiful, too! Adoption fee $450. Fill out an application for Sanibel!



Jasper is a 14 year old Thoroughbred and the son of Smarty Jones! He was trained too young and was injured so he can't be ridden. But he loves to be brushed and walked and bathed, he is so easy on the eyes! Jasper is about 16.2 hh and a dark bay in color. Please find a forever home for Jasper in your heart. He needs a knee injection once a year and he loves having the chiropractor visit. 



Lorelei is an 18 year old Paint horse, about 15.2 hands tall. She is a good ride- and has no vices. However, she does have COPD and on her bad days she needs medication. Riding and exercising those lungs is good for her. She also would make a great companion horse as she loves both mares and geldings. 



Eridan is a special boy - he is an 18 year old Appaloosa/Appendix cross. He was abandoned at a boarding stable and we brought him here. Eridan is 100% blind so needs a special home. He likes a mini to be his babysitter. He actually can be ridden and he likes it! Eridan loves attention and can do tricks like begging and counting. If you have a special place for Eridan, let us know. 

If we don't have what you are looking for at our farm, fill out an application and we will keep it on file. 

We may be able to match you with one of these horses looking for a new home.

We continuously receive emails from people looking to rehome their horses. 

Please contact us when you’re ready to surrender your horse.