Success Stories



Hershey is a sweet OTTB, and his new owner Kaitlin has successfully shown him and even taken him in a parade!



Louie is an 18 year old Quarter Horse. 
He is now living the good life with his new momma Ania.



Theoden (formally known as Eomer), a Clydesdale, was 18 months old when we rescued him. He has been placed on a beautiful farm with lots of horses.  He is learning to pull a wagon. 

Update (April 2011)  -   Theoden (formerly known as Eomer) is doing great!  We are continuing to do ground driving with him. This spring and summer we will be starting him under saddle and hopefully start some training for pulling a cart.  He continues to grow and is becoming a very big boy!  The picture is him with my husband Dan.  He is primarily Dan's horse and he can't wait till he is ready for some trailriding!         Kristy Adams


prince lorenzo

Prince Lorenzo is a miniature hinny. He was adopted by the Burke family and lives withthree other rescues. 



A miniature horse who was 9 years old when she arrived in July 2010.  After only one month she was adopted by a certified handicapped riding instructor.    She now lives on a pony and mini farm and visits a handicapped riding center to help the kids.