Sponsor a Horse

Special horses are horses that we rescued but cannot be adopted out due to age or infirmity.  They are in need of a financial supporter to help pay for their food and medical expenses.

Contact us with the horse you would like to sponsor.



My name is Sanibel aka Ellen's Souvenir. I am waiting for my forever home as a trail horse or husband horse. In the meantime, won't you sponsor me?  I really like food and lots of treats. $125 per month. 

Sponsor Sanibel


Lorelei is a paint mare who has COPD. She came in very underweight because her owner could not afford her medications. She needs a lot of medicines to keep her breathing and being able to eat. Her Ventipulmin costs us $107 per week. Can anyone help sponsor this sweet girl? $125 per month would really help us help her!

Sponsor Lorelei


Windy is a miniature horse who's been through some hard times. Her favorite place is with her friends Yuki and blind Eridan. She is content to eat and sun bathe, and now and then let us brush her. Can you sponsor this dear little girl for $55 a month? 

Sponsor Windy


Yuki has an important job at SJHR- she is a seeing eye horse for Eridan who is blind. her jobs include leading him to the water bucket and warning him the fence is near. She does a great job! Can you sponsor Yuki for $55 a month? 

Sponsor Yuki


We were asked at the beginning of the summer 2016 to take two older horses from a woman's property. She had passed away and her grown children were afraid of horses. So we said yes, but were told the horses had been taken by another rescue. That fall we received an urgent call from our vet saying she had been called to the property and  two horses there were in really bad shape. We scale horses on body score of 1 to 10 and Smokie was a 1.5. The other rescue had never picked them up and they stayed all summer, barely alive with very little care. Smokie only had a month to live. We started him on soft warm mash 8 times per day. He has gained weight and is doing much better. Smokie continues to thrive at age 37 and we are so happy to report that he is now sponsored by Horses on Death Row!

General Sponsorship


is very sweet in-your-pocket horse. He was neglected, and as a result is mostly blind. He still loves to be ridden, and would like that special someone that he can trust and form a bond with. Eridan is now sponsored by Horses on Death Row!

General Sponsorship


is an amazing 40 years old... and has only one eye. That eye is developing a cataract, but although his vision is weak, his body is not,. He loves being ridden Western and is an old trail master. He has attitude and is the boss of the mares. He is also a retired therapy horse.  He is currently sponsored by Horses on Death Row!

General Sponsorship


has both knee damage and a horrific back injury. He is 12 years old, and we are hoping to find him a home soon as a COMPANION horse only. You can see his story on the adoption page. Until he finds a new forever home, a sponsor will help with his care. Jasper is sponsored by Horses on Death Row!

General Sponsorship